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"For By Grace You Have Been Saved Through Faith"


Book Titles:

Israel and the Church Under God Israel and the Church Under God
A Biblical Perspective
For Today
by Thomas E. Bertoli
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God's Workmanship Under Grace God's Workmanship Under Grace
Exploring the Believer's
Blessings In Christ
by Thomas E. Bertoli

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Purchase BOTH autographed books online
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Pastor Tommy Bertoli c/o
Messiah's Christian Fellowship
P.O. Box 93384
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3384
(702) 255-6725

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Messiah's Christian Fellowship
Messiah's Christian Fellowship

Pastor Tommy Bertoli
Sundays at 8:45AM & 6:15PM
Southwest Baptist Church facility
4266 S. Durango, Suite A
(one block south of Flamingo)
Las Vegas, NV (702) 255-6725.

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Thomas E. Bertoli Thomas Edward Bertoli:
As a pastor, speaker, author, and radio host, Tommy Bertoli has brought the many truths of God's Word to the Christian communities of Las Vegas. Before becoming Pastor of Messiah's Christian Fellowship, Tommy served as the Director of Calvary Chapel Spring Valley Bible College of Las Vegas for eight years (1997 - 2005). There, he lectured on a daily basis the essential truths of the Christian faith as well as teaching the books of the Bible. As an author he has written three books: Israel and the Church under God, God's Workmanship under Grace, and Leadership under the Good Shepherd (soon to be published). As a guest speaker, Pastor Tommy's seminars address issues of the faith that are helpful in allowing one to grow in their Christian lives. His background as a Bible college teacher and writer has prepared him well for his call-in radio show, A Biblical Perspective for Truth. His uniqueness as a Bible teacher is his ability to simplify highly theological matters in an understandable way.

listen live Tommy's call-in radio show can be heard live on radio 1060AM (Las Vegas) Monday through Friday at 4PM - 5PM (pst). Click here Listen to listen to the program during it's broadcast hours.

To contact Mr. Bertoli regarding information about his writings, events, possible speaking engagements, or if you have a question about the Bible, please email him at or phone 255-6725.

Visit Pastor Tommy's outline on The Trinity: A Study of the Triune God and also check out his Radio Broadcast Archives.

Pastor Tommy Bertoli
Pastor Tommy Bertoli

"Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."
I Cor 15:58

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